Twitter is a platform that can immensely help your business gain exposure. Twitter users are potential customers and catering them using appropriate marketing will help you grow your business. It is a cost- effective method of consumer engagement, with over 450 million monthly active users of the platform. 

A recent study showed, Twitter is now a #1 platform for brand interaction, outshining all the other social media platforms. It lets you connect with the conversation that is related to the community your business is targeting. The platform is based on the culture of raising connectivity among users and inclusion of users in what’s happening. By bringing your business on Twitter, you can connect with your audience, impact their purchase decisions and obtain results.

So, now you know Twitter is a great platform for your business, but how do you start?


Create your Twitter profile –


To designate your handle as a business one, use ‘switch to professional’ settings. This way you will have access to unique and better features.

First impression –



Believe it or not, first impressions have lasting effects. 

Profile Picture: Upload one that is a visual and pleasing representation of your brand. This picture is typically of your logo or professional headshot.

Header Photo: A photo that compliments your brand color accents. The picture should change from time-to-time with the emergence of new products or services.

Strong display and account @name –

An account name is unique to your business and therefore choose one that is easy-to-read.

For your display name, a good option is to choose your own business name rather than going for something else. It appears exactly above your @name       

A memorable bio –



A bio works as an introduction to the Twitter world. State your go-to pitch including your value proposition, mission statement, location etc.

First Twitter post – 

Another way to introduce yourself is through your first post. Tweet a welcome photo, video or graphic that conveys your brand story. Pin this tweet to your profile page. This way anyone checking out your Twitter profile will first understand what your business actually is. 


Tweeting regularly is the best way to connect with your audience. Follow a certain pattern of posting Tweets as per your requirement and convenience. Use the buzzy events that relate to your brand and join the conversation.  

What to Tweet –
  • Organic posts – A good Tweet can range from timely promotions, compelling brand stories to industry observations and trend forecasts. You cannot know if the Tweet will work or not. But the least you can do is to make it as effective as you can. To do so:

    – Keep them short and to the point.

    – Mention clear CTA while writing post copy.

    – Use hashtags that will help your brand gain more exposure.

    – Include relevant links.

    – Use visually appealing pictures including features of your brand.

  • Paid Posts – As Twitter stated that there is no minimum spend requirement on any of their standard products.

  • Quick Promote:  With a single tap, twitter will help you generate an effective, result driving campaign using your business’ tweets. It’s a basic feature with a few targeting and customization features.

  • Follower:  The motive of this campaign is to encourage users to follow your business’. The format is a text-only Tweet that is easy yet convincing.

  • Reach: Reach campaign is a great fit if you are trying to create brand awareness. It supports all Tweet formats. 
Measuring your success –

While measuring your success, first define your goal and then move on to measuring them. 

To measure the growth in your online community, monitor your number of followers. Try experimenting with your Tweet copy and see how they are working out.

Lastly, Twitter is a platform that believes in providing complete support to your small business in every way. There are resources you can use such as, Twitter Business Blog, Twitter Flight School, Getting Started With Twitter Ads. 

You can download the Twitter guide here.

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