To Be Honest – popularly shortened TBH – is the new anonymity app that is taking parts of US by storm. And for good reason. Unlike anonymity apps like Sarahah, everything on TBH has to be “nice.” What a nice twist, right?

What is TBH?

Anonymous-gossip apps have become all the rage among teenagers and young adults lately, and Sarahah (the mega-popular app that hit the headlines earlier this year) is a prime example. However, To Be Honest takes anonymous commenting to a whole new and exciting level. Like its cousin Sarahah, TBH give its users a sizzling opportunity to comment (albeit anonymously) about their peers and friends.

Older folks might dismiss TBH as bunkum, but the idea has been around for quite a while (read: Yik Yak). The defining beauty of TBH, however, lies in the fact that it’s not an abyss of petty cyberbullying or toxic gossip. In fact, its popularity is hinged almost entirely on the fact that it’s downright pleasant.

How does TBH work?

The app works in a simple way: You just need to sign in using your first and last name. After which you need to select your school, gender and grade. The app then asks you questions like “who’s got the best smile” and “going to become the president” and other nice things. You are then presented with four options (names of friends and classmates), and you simply click on one. The app then sends you a notification about being nominated anonymously, it’s such a pleasant surprise. The questions are generated both by the TBH team and submitted from users.

5 Fun Facts about TBH

#1. The Numbers: With over 2 million users, TBH is at the moment the #1 free download in the iOS App Store – a no mean feat for an app in its nascent stage, when it’s available only in 14 states across the US till now.

#2. A Humble Beginning: TBH’s debut was in August in a single small-town high school in Georgia. On the first day, two-fifths of the entire student body gave it a go. The following day, TBH made a footing in three neighboring schools, with over 40% of students downloading it.

#3. A little sprinkle of kindness — it’s no big secret that the “secret” to the big and sudden success of TBH is owed to its approach to kindness to others. In fact, it seems TBH gained ground based on the anti-Sarahah sentiment.

#4. Age-Restricted Usage — currently, only users 9th graders and upwards are allowed to use the app. Even so, the way the app functions is pretty simple. You only sign in with your first & last name, select your grade, school, and gender, and then pick the question to ask your peers anonymously. If you’re picked, it’s anonymous, and you don’t even know who chose you.

#5. TBH is voice-centric: forget about typing; with tbh, it is all about voice assistants (read: Siri or Google Assistant). This in and of itself keeps To Be Honest app in line with the future of voice SEO. Content marketers can easily tailor their content to be speech friendly.

Will the only anonymous app with positive vibes result in a revolution of how teens use social media?


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