The live social video has taken the world by storm – and with good reason. Going live on social media can help marketers, publishers, and broadcaster fabulously engage with users.

The live social video, however, is far different from creating a traditional video content. So, before diving into live video streaming platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Periscope, you need to know a few things to get the most out of “going live.”

#1. You Need to Create Buzz before Going Live

The live social video is a powerful marketing tool, but you need to set yourself up to get the most viewers. In principle, live video platforms like Instagram Live or Periscope allow you to broadcast to your target audience which is often your personal social media network – a social group, an event or fans of your page.

However, you need to create pizzazz around your live video event in advance. This way, you will let your target audience know that you have got an upcoming live video. You can do this by posting on their newsfeed. If your event is crucial enough, you can sponsor the announcement.

#2. You need to make it Interactive

The beauty of live video is being able to engage with your audience in the real-time. From carrying out Q&A sessions to handing out freebies or just chatting, going live is about interaction. There’s a possibility of something spontaneous happening right in the mix. For Q&A, for instance, you may need the functionalities of Twitter’s Periscope.

#3. Make the Session Long Enough

Platforms like Facebook Live recommend that live video session last at least 10 minutes. It’s vitally important because some users might join the broadcast late and you don’t want to lock them out. The rule of thumb is to keep it at least 30 minutes long. Be sure to switch your phone off to avoid any distraction.

#4. Prepare Ahead                     

It pays to prepare adequately for live social video. Start off by setting up the location. Choose a beautiful spot with little or no ambient and background noise. You should also think about proper phone mount.

#5. Take a Practice Run into Consideration

It’s important to rehearse a little before going live. For platforms like Facebook Live, you can practice by limiting who views the live video under settings. You can choose “only me” or select a few coworkers to help you with the practice run.

These are just but a few things you may want to know before going live on social media. It’s also important to be personable and find a way to analyze your live video stats.


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Rick is a Serial Entrepreneur, Writer and Head of Marketing at Passionate Marketers.