1400$ PlayStation or a 2800$ Xbox or 8000$ gaming computers or laptop, technology with time has evolved and made something for everyone for a certain amount of money, and these prices keep going higher and higher with all the advancements, but the recent development  in technology is changing things around.

One such thing is Google recent release called Cloud Gaming service ‘Project Stream’ developed by Ubisoft, but it’s not the first cloud gaming service in the market.

Nvidia had started a similar service GeForce NOW and Sony has provided cloud gaming service PlayStation NOW for years, but none of them matched the quality of a gaming console or feels like a true alternative as they don’t really offer newer titles.

Google reportedly rolled out a beta version of Project Stream with the newest Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, set in ancient Greece. The launch of Project Stream with the latest Assassin’s Creed could be huge step for Google to enter the game streaming industry as the other’ players in the space don’t have newer games to offer when they arrive.

With Google making such advancement in the gaming stream, Microsoft isn’t far behind. Shortly after the release of Project Stream, Microsoft announced its own cloud gaming platform, Project xCloud which will stream both on PCs and mobile devices.

Project Stream can be used on Google’s Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop and it takes advantage of Google’s massive server infrastructure and development resources.  Even though all of this if going to help people play high quality games online,the drawback still persists, as to how creator companies are going to provide a library off new and old games at a prices that encourage people to play.

The search engine giant also released new tool for developers in order to challenge other tech giants like Amazon and Twitch for a bigger slice in the game streaming industry.


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