Selling a B2B product is very different from selling regular consumer products. Getting into Business to Business (B2B) sales can be equally exciting and daunting. Obviously, venturing into this field is not always a walk in the park; high stress, copious amounts of coffee and tons of rejections will come to you more often than as the thrill of a new sale or acquisition. In the end, only the fittest survive.

Seasoned salespersons will know that you should take all the help you can get to get the job done. Although B2B products might be hard to sell, there are quite a few nifty tools that can make the whole process a lot easier.

Here are our top picks –                 makes finding quality leads a breeze. All you have to do is enter the domain name of the target business, and it will generate a list of all the people who are connected to the organization. It not only produces the names of these individuals, but it also provides you with their phone numbers, social media profiles, and email addresses. With this info, you can easily plan on how to create leads.


Aweber is a nifty tool that can come handy when you want to automate your email marketing campaign. It makes it easy to generate email newsletters for both, prospects and returning customers. As if that isn’t terrific enough, Aweber integrates seamlessly with LeadPages, WordPress, Facebook, and PayPal for enhanced functionality.


Growbots takes things a step further. By bringing together all the lead-generating features of and artificial intelligence, Growbots creates an outbound lead-generating tool that will simply knock your socks off. It captures leads, explores customer information, and provides you with lead-generating insights. So essentially, Growbots doesn’t just help you out with leads, it actually gives you insights on customer buying behavior.


SalesClarity was designed for B2B sales managers. It’s essentially a sales forecasting software that allows managers to access consolidated sale data more efficiently and quickly. This way, the can make more informed critical sales decisions.


Leadfeeder, like, is a lead-generating tool. However, it focuses on inbound leads. In other words, it monitors incoming traffic to provide you with insights that can help you generate leads.


Crystal is an online marketing tool that incorporates the beauty of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you identify prospects and even engage with them effectively. is a sales management, coaching, and training tool – all wrapped into one sales solution platform. It takes the hassle out of knowing what your sales team is doing and understanding your sales pipeline.


LinkTrackr is a tool that allows you to measure the impact of your marketing strategy by monitoring all your links. It also offers you a tool to create custom domains and generate tracking links.

With these handy tools, you can take your B2B sales to the next level.


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Rick is a Serial Entrepreneur, Writer and Head of Marketing at Passionate Marketers.