Are you looking for practical ways to increase engaged traffic? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

That’s right; you can leverage Google+ hashtags to conjure more traffic to your website and enjoy enhanced SEO. It’s imperative because traffic from Google+ has seen an upward trend in the past few years even as traffic from Facebook takes a hit.

Which begs the questions: are using hashtags in Google+? Do you want to get more engagement in Google+?

The thing is that Google+ hashtags work a bit different from Facebook and Twitter hashtags. With hashtags, Google+ explores a topic, unlike Facebook or Twitter which curates the content based on hashtags.

So how can you leverage this nifty tool to garner more traffic?

1. Make use of shared interests

You see, Google+ employs a sophisticated algorithm to sift through updates and identify those that make it into your home stream. Intriguingly, updates from people outside your network can appear on your home stream.

That means you can take advantage of these shared interests to create pizzazz around your Google+ page. How so? You simply search for hot topics that Google+ users mention or talk about. You can also zero in on related hashtags to the “hot” topic. By including 2 or 3 of these hashtags, you stand a better chance of enticing a wider audience. In short, your hashtags will appear in more users’ feed.

2. Let Google + Auto-Assign Hashtags

Unlike Twitter which depends on users to generate hashtags for their content, Google+ goes an extra mile – they do it for you! If you are not super-specific about your hashtags, Google+ can do a bang-up job for you. Google+-generated hashtags are always dead right on-spot

3. Tips for Coming up with YOUR Own Hashtags

You may be on your own, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Use the following tips to create the most relevant hashtags:

Take Advantage of Explore Section

It is a powerful tool that helps you explore related hashtags. Once you’ve keyed in your target topic, you can sift through hundreds of related hashtags. It’s much akin to a mini keyword search.

Power of Google + Auto Suggest Tool

You can leverage Google+ auto-suggest function to generate related hashtags for you. Don’t forget to try #MyBrandName. This way, Google+ can auto-suggest hashtags related to your brand.


If you are organizing a Facebook or Twitter hashtag, you may want to cross-promote your hashtags on Instagram. More exposure will increase your brand awareness and visibility.

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