Saturday, June 3

We told you Facebook is coming up with an AI-powered video chatting device ‘Portal’ and it is here sooner than we expected.

The social network created video chatting devices are now available is US via Amazon, Best Buy and their own portal. The device not only calls other users who have the Portal, but also all Facebook Messenger users; so you can call most of the people on your friends list.

The Portal not only has an AI-powered camera but it also features built-in-access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, along with a bunch of security features. It has a camera and microphone off button, a camera lens cover and the ability to set up a four to twelve digit pass-code to keep it secured. Facebook is also in the process to allay any misgivings by publishing details about the devices’ security.

Facebook said the device will “not listen to, view or keep the contents” of the Portal video calls, and hence cannot use them for advertising purposes. Presumably, that means you won’t suddenly get, say a socks’ ad if you use the device to plan a shopping trip to the mall with a friend. Also, the device calls are encrypted, and the social network says it will not show Facebook ads on the device at all.

Would you buy the Portal for your family and friends? Let us know in the comment section below.


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