We all have had those annoying notification saying ‘New App Updates Available’ and nobody has the time to update all the applications on our android phones.

Well, Google is finally addressing the problem and has come up with a solution.

The company is introducing a new API for Android, that will allow users to continue using applications while the  updates and downloads are happening in the background – or log out the user from the app when it’s a critical update.

Google announced the In-App Updates API at its annual Android Dev Summit. The API will give developers options like full-screen experience, which blocks the use of app until the update downloads and installs. This option will be used by developers when there is an important or critical update like security patches, bug fixes, etc.

The other option that the developers have is also a feature for users. Developers can allow users to be logged in or use the app while it’s updating, which helps users to not only set the updates on automatic as they don’t have to worry about the app not being in function while updating and also have the latest versions of the application simultaneously while using their smartphone.

The In-app API updates will only be available to Android Developers who are early access partners. Google hasn’t announced an official date that it will get wide release but said the API will be available to all the developers soon.


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