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YouTube is a powerful platform for businesses looking to generate leads. It has more than 2.56 billion users and was the second most popular platform in 2022. Over 4 billion videos are viewed each day and this makes YouTube an essential platform to use for businesses. If a business is looking for an expansion in its reach, YouTube is the most viable option. 

Marketers are stating that videos are an integral part of marketing strategy because video consumption has increased immensely. This increased consumption is generating a higher return on investment. Losing out on the benefits that YouTube can definitely provide would be nothing but missing out on a great opportunity. The right video strategy can also help you generate good quality leads using the platform. 

Here are some tips you can use to generate leads for your business:


SEO as your backbone–


YouTube SEO is no different than website and blog SEO. Similar to the two, it is an ever-changing practice undertaken to make content appear higher on YouTube, when searched. Start out by focusing on SEO and then more forward. You can use the below points to get the idea:

  • Make a list of important keywords in your particular industry.
  • Use the primary keyword in the title
  • Add a detailed description and include main keywords as well as other keywords.
  • Use transcripts and captions that are as closely accurate to all your videos.


Understanding the users’ intent–


While producing videos, also work on determining the end goal a user wants to achieve. This will give you clarity and your content an edge of relevance. The main reason is that Google works on providing its users the most relevant content that can resonate with them. 

The measure of your content relevance, for Google, is the way people react to it. A few factors that undergoes observation are: 

  • Watch time, the longer people will watch your content, the higher it will rank. 
  • Session watch time is the time users stay to watch additional videos on your channel. Meaning, the time a session of your channel lasts on their screens. 


YouTube cards–


These are interactive cards that appear generally at the end of a video. They are a great and effective way of lead generation, as they let creators share clickable links throughout the video. The limit is up to five cards as per YouTube guidelines. YouTube cards work as an additional CTA that can act as little push for the audience to take action. 

YouTube cards should link to something relevant and valuable, otherwise they are of no use:

  • Content related to the video on your blog
  • Surveys or polls
  • Asking views to donate 
  • Directing your viewers to a specific landing page


Use YouTube playlist–


It is a collection of videos that you group together on your channel. The purpose is to make it simple for users and search engines to access relevant and related content. This will declutter your channel and make the navigation for whoever lands on it easier. 

This makes sure that your videos get indexed twice, increasing your chances of discoverability and making users stay longer. Playlist is an effective way of nurturing your leads and portraying that your brand expertises in the industry. 


Collaborating with influencers–


This method is best for tons of lead generation as you will expand your reach by partnering with influencers. The process is to connect with influencers in your niche and make an appearance on their channel for business growth. It is a fool-proof way because 92% of consumers have more faith in an influence than on a traditional advertisement. Influencers in different industries already have an excellent engagement rate, which means you can use it to gain brand exposure. 

Begin with a simple research on influencers you can reach out to and can act as advocates for your brand. After you are done with the list, reach out and collaborate. 


YouTube Ads–


Ads are certainly worth trying and investing in considering that YouTube has a reach among billions. This way you can maximize your reach and boost your lead generation efforts. YouTube enables you to run specialized ads that can generate a higher ROI at low rates. This makes ads on YouTube highly result driven. 

Start by creating the advertisements and thereafter collect leads from the running ads. A few points to remember while creating these ads are:

  • 15-60 seconds is the ideal length for YouTube ads.
  • Design ads that will work well for mobile audiences. 
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA).


Video descriptions are important–


Optimization of descriptions for over 3 billion searches conducted each month is crucial. Video descriptions are the life and soul of getting a massive number of views on YouTube. To create the best possible video description, ensure you remember the following tips:

  • Work within the character limits 
  • Use tail-long keywords
  • Stir some curiosity
  • Make it relevant
  • Use hashtags
  • Add call-to-actions

By following these tips, you can effectively use YouTube to generate leads for your business. It’s important to consistently create engaging content and utilize CTAs to drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

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