If your company’s boss should be on Twitter, I’m sure you will all pray he/she becomes extraordinarily active and amasses as many followers as possible. Being active, vocal and proud at matters touching on your company will undoubtedly help the company prosper. But better watch out because if your boss is someone like the man in the White House and has his antics with lack of restraint and undying love for bashing out on Twitter, you’ll know no peace.

Nowadays, it is easier to find a lost needle in a haystack than finding a Fortune 500 company CEO with no presence on Twitter. A tweeting boss is a terrible talent as besides putting the human face of the company, such a leader highlights the management’s unwavering commitment to relevance to its customers.

Twitter is a pretty decent social site as it puts together competing companies, serial critics and an infinite list of audiences waiting to be pleased.

What will be the CEO’s Goal on Twitter?

If you’re planning to get your company’s CEO on Twitter, better start by knowing the GOAL of being on Twitter. Twitter will first show that the boss is readily available, approachable and transparent, unlike those who blog or even those without. But it is highly essential that you use the audience amassed and the resources to speak the right message and command a huge following.

Who to Tweet?

It isn’t a matter of who will be responsible for manning the handle, replying to the tweets, favoriting them, retweeting and coming up with the 140 characters. With their busy and hectic schedules, not all CEOs are smart enough to come up with something worth posting every few hours.

It isn’t hard for the boss to appoint someone to do that – problems frequently involve the tone and authenticity of the tweets.

So, before the CEO joins the Tweeting population, it is important to appoint someone who will always be at the helm, compile the best corporate tweet and hit the ‘Post’ icon.

The CEO’s Personality is at stake!

Twitter is a free man’s world that knows no privacy. And with a careless Executive who loves to post after a few rounds or has a penchant for posting all and sundry, the company can quickly leave a foul taste to its customers.

CEOs running mega corporate firms certainly understand what to say, when, where and why. However, it will be a lot useful to let them know the rules and guardrails ahead of tweeting.

Does your CEO have time for being active on Twitter?

After determining that the CEO is good to tweet and has enough time to be on twitter, here are what you can do to turn them into an effective Twitterer.

    • Set up an anonymous account and let the boss start with it.
    • Such programs as Tweetdeck, Tweetie, and Seesmic come in handy.
    • Don’t fake it – posts truthfully and when the CEO isn’t on stage lecturing.
    • Don’t automate it, instead save and manage it.

Importantly, ensure the CEO has a thick skin. Disgruntled customers, trolls, and annoying spammers will easily soil the CEO’s name and if the boss overreacts on everything will easily tweet abuses.

The Parting Shot

The long and short of it is, the CEO is the make-or-break person when it comes to the success of your entity online. Employees may freely interact and retweet the company’s posts and help portray a positive image.

But in the end, it will be upon the CEO to embrace Twitter’s spontaneity, express some humor and handle all queries professionally directed to the firm.


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