Either we are getting lazy day-by-day or the technology is getting better.

Till now there were just smart television, smart phones and smart watches but soon we were introduced to ‘smart ‘speakers’. You guessed it right, another device just to access your phone, I wish I could say that but these speakers are more than you think.

Amazon created a new product category in the market by creating a smart speaker Amazon Echo.

Echo connects to Amazon’s Alexa – a cloud-based voice service, also an AI by Amazon and it has changed the way you and I use our speakers.

Amazon’s creation of the product category soon caught the eyes of competitors and soon they started coming up in the market.

Google Home equipped with Google assistant and Apple’s Homepod comes with Siri and Samsung is yet to launch a device which will come with Bixby and many more like these have launched their product in the market.

Be it Amazon or Google or Apple, each of them offer a differentiated product with an array features.

Amazon and Google have options for everyone, from Amazon’s smallest and latest Echo Dot to Echo Sub which not only is bigger in size but also offers a 100w deep bass sound. Google isn’t far behind in the segment and offers two sizes viz. Google Home and Google Home Mini but Apple currently has only one device christened the Apple Homepod.


Amazon, which is the creator of this category, has an added advantage in the market, all thanks to its E-commerce platform being the biggest in the world and has pushed its’ devices in the market with a lot of skills to offer like ordering a pizza from Domino’s Pizza, Just Eat in the UK and hailing an Uber, allowing you to either have your pizza delivered or request a ride over to the store to pick it up yourself. Support is good, but these apps feel like they add fun side-functionality rather than core productivity services.

As compared to Amazon, Google and Apple offer most of the identical skills and features but the benefits of having Amazon outcasts them be it quality or prize it has it all. Overall the smart speakers have not made it big yet but in the current stage, Amazon definitely has an edge in the market.

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