Through full-funnel marketing brands utilize the power of brand building and performance marketing. A full-funnel marketing strategy begins by capturing as many leads as possible. Further down the funnel, the marketing efforts become more focused and centered around the customers with the highest possibility to convert. This approach reaches potential customers based on the level of funnel they fall into. As every stage requires an adjusted marketing strategy.


Awareness (Top of the Funnel)

Create awareness among the audience who are unaware of your brand, educate them to influence their consideration. The focus of this stage is to capture the attention of potential customers.

You can use video advertisements to generate awareness, they are highly engaging and an effective medium.

  • Paid advertisements and paid search:

Paid ads are a high-ROI way for brand awareness. This option works the best if you have loads of competitors and your potential customers can pick some other brand. Paid media enables you to target a specific audience according to age, gender, location etc.\

  • Social media:

Users of social media are generally on a shopping mindset that makes them already engaged. Though there are many ways to increase awareness through social media, influencer marketing is the most effective one. Best suited for small businesses that people are not yet well aware of.\

  • Press:

Journalists and bloggers are often looking for unique and innovative new items to publish. Even amid this, PR is not popularly opted for to gain initial interest.

Consideration (Middle of the Funnel)

Get your potential customers to consider your brand and think of your brand over competition. You can do so by building their trust and keeping them engaged.

To build desire for your brand, send interactive and personalized marketing messages that are engaging and informative. Tailor these messages and website content according to the interests of first-time visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

When a shopper is at this stage, they already have an idea about what they are looking for. They search the web to look through the options that are available. Frame your content with the keywords that your potential customers will possibly use to search on the web. Having a good SEO ranking will help shoppers find you much more easily.

  • Content Marketing:

It is a stage where shoppers are constantly in a mindset of seeking information. So, you do just that. Provide them with free resources which will educate them about your products that are popular, consumer trends etc. Preferably inform them about the factors that will influence and divert their decision.

  • Coupons and Promotions: 

Coupons and promotions are a great way to influence them and choose your brand over competitors. Develop a contact list of your potential customers and have them fill out a form. In return for this contact information, give them a coupon code.

Conversion (End of the Funnel)

Your potential customers are now well aware of your brand. The key here is to convert them into your customers. Make it easy for them to say yes, click and complete the sale.

Focus your spending on the most valuable customers, you can do so by using deep learning (DL) tools.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization):

Make the process of purchase as smooth and as easy as possible. Your website should be capable of converting them. A few hurdles in the process will make shoppers abandon the decision of making the purchase from you.

  • Retention:

Retaining the new customer is what will follow after the prospective customer has become your customer. It is a critical component because retaining the new customer is much more difficult than an old one.

  • Loyalty Programs:

Through loyalty programs shoppers are encouraged to keep making future purchases from you. Small gestures like including a gift on hitting specific points or rewarding them on a certain spending amount can also have a huge impact on a customer’s future decisions. 

Full-funnel marketing strategy is so effective that companies using it witnessed a gain in their marketing ROI. Adopting this strategy will give you compounding effects. But, the benefits of a full-funnel strategy are endless. It is a full circle process that uses multiple tactics to make all the necessary marketing efforts.

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