Practically every organization nowadays participates in some type of email marketing.

It has been around for a long time, yet even with the growth of viral video marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of promotion, it stays unmatched in its effectiveness.

But why?

Everybody you know has at least one email account which they use.

What’s more is that one cannot create a social media account or sign up for anything on the web without providing a verified email account. So, even though nobody sends emails to each other on regular basis, people still use emails for updates, account management and a lot of similar things.

This is the place where email marketing comes in. It’s a reliably incredible way of reaching out to potential clients and retaining loyal customers by connecting with them via email.

They will most probably end up seeing the emails. Basically, every organization has their very own mailing list of subscribers.

1. It helps you stay in touch with your audience and core customers

email marketing


They enable you to keep both existing clients and potential new customers enlightened about what’s new with your business, new promotions, and so on. Likewise, a great many people on your list would have done some business with you previously, so they’re as of now willing to have some interest in your updates. Furthermore, it assists with customer engagement in general

2.  You can reach out to new prospects

email marketing

You can reach out to clients easily since a great many people these days open their email on their mobile phones. Besides, well-designed marketing messages are proven to convert into leads on mobile devices.

3. Emails feel more personal and engaging

email marketing

It’s difficult to believe that we’ve really had email around for around four decades. It’s actually in our DNA at this point. Individuals will, in general, react to emails somehow or another (with some activity on their part). And this is the time for organizations to look for new clients, subscribers and repeat customers too.

4. Email marketing is easy to measure

email marketing

Email marketing gives the e-commerce operator a very important tool. It helps in getting almost all of the real-time data on their click-through rates and conversion rates, and so on.

That implies obtaining a better vision of what’s functioning well, what needs some tweaking and where you ought to be focusing your marketing tactics.

5. It’s economical

email marketing

Despite the fact that a few people may instinctively feel like social media marketing should probably be the least expensive advertising method on the Internet, it’s actually not true.

Advertising on Facebook, for instance, can cost rather much, particularly for a start-up organization with a tight marketing budget.

Yet, by and large, it’s a standout amongst the most affordable ways of reaching out to prospective customers in a short period of time.

These are only a couple of reasons why you totally should utilize email marketing as one of your fundamental online promotion strategies. Unquestionably, there is a place for social media, YouTube, Google, blogs, and so on. However, keep in mind that email marketing is here to stay.

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