Reddit has 250 million-plus monthly active users, which is more than LinkedIn and Pinterest both. Still, Reddit struggles to get as much attention as it should.

Gaining traction on Reddit can help your business significantly but not easily because Reddit’s user-curated community doesn’t welcome branded content. Earlier this year, Reddit started simplifying the process by adding user profiles and improving ad options for advertisers.

In addition to this, they also announced an update to their self-service ad platform. This update will help in specific targeting and will provide more data on your ad performance.


As Explained by Reddit:

“Advertisers on Reddit currently target audiences in a number of ways, including by interest and subreddit. And with the new Reddit ads dashboard, advertisers can now analyze campaign performance on each targeting option to determine which audience segments are driving the most reach and performance of their campaigns.”

The new Reddit dashboard will have advanced reporting categories which will include:

Subreddit and Interest – Now, advertisers can measure the performance of their ads as per the subreddits and interests they have targeted which is the main form of targeting campaigns on Reddit.

Geographical Analysis – Advertisers can now break down their performance by using country or DMA (Designated Market Area).

Mobile impressions – Initially Reddit provided metrics only for web impressions, but with the new update, even mobile impressions can be viewed by advertisers.

Date – Campaigns results can now be broken down into day-wise data.

They have also launched their own variant of the Conversion Tracking Pixel to help advertisers easily arrange actual results with their ad efforts.

“Conversion tracking helps advertisers measure their campaigns by associating a website action to an ad after someone has viewed the ad. By installing the Reddit Conversion Pixel, your conversion events will start showing up in the Reddit Ads dashboard.”

Reddit’s pixel tracking works just like other platforms. One thing Reddit doesn’t allow advertisers is letting brands track separate conversion events, unlike other social media platforms.

Reddit is evolving their ad platform, they are also working to provide more options. According to Pew Research, 250 million MAU (Monthly Average Users) rely on Reddit for daily news update which is on par with Snapchat and LinkedIn. Reddit is considered to be a more trustworthy news source than Facebook or Twitter.

As Reddit’s systems are evolving and improving, their ad platform is worth to pay attention.


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