In this age of controversies, where social media platforms are surrounded by issues related to fake news and viewability, they have been taking additional steps to stop how it spreads.

As Twitter has been facing issues related to election and viewability concerns, they have committed to open up more aspects of their advertising business.

Twitter has planned to open an ‘Advertising Transparency Center’, in a blog post they announced that the feature will be rolling out in the coming week, wherein users can see all the ad campaigns that are running on the social network, including ones that originally didn’t appear as regular tweets.

Advertising Transparency Center will not only show how long each advertisement has been running but also how it looks like. Users can see a list of the ads targeted to them and can report them as inappropriate ads and can also give a negative feedback for every ad whether the ad targets them or not.

Twitter has agreed to have the Media Rating Council (MRC) audit it’s advertising metrics so that brands can be assured of what they’re buying. According to the MRC, ‘The MRC’s audit will cover metrics included in the data feeds Twitter prepares for third-party measurers as well as its own reporting of certain metrics. It is expected that the ingestion and processing of the Twitter data feed by the third parties will also be audited separately by MRC, to allow for an end-to-end consideration of Twitter metrics as reported through these third-party environments.”


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