Help your friends via messenger using PayPal!

Facebook Messenger makes it easier to transfer money for you and your friends. Facebook has collaborated with Paypal making it more convenient for the users to send and receive money within Facebook Messenger itself.

Messenger supports PayPal

The feature is an alternative to the existing payment’s feature that has been a part of messenger for a couple of years. Users could also choose to link their PayPal account with Messenger in order to receive notifications and receipts from their online transactions within Messenger. Over 2.5 million users have linked their account with Messenger, says Paypal and the numbers are expected to increase with this new feature.

This feature can also be used to buy and sell within the groups, including the local sales groups which are visited by approximately 450 million people per month (as per Facebook data shared last fall).

The new option is available by tapping the blue plus icon within Messenger, then selecting the green Payments button to send or request money. Here, you can select PayPal as the source when making a payment to a Messenger contact. The feature is now live on iOS and will soon be available on Android, However, this update is rolled out only to the users in the US; everyone else will just have to find other ways to spend their PayPal balance.



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