Millennials are the most sought-after segment these days for most of the businesses. This segment has changed the rules of engagement to a large extent and most marketers are trying to adapt to these. Here are some quick tips on how you can modify your content marketing strategy if you haven’t already.

Do not sell
The first and foremost principle for targeting millennials is not to directly sell your products and services. If it is an ad, they will block it, whereas if it’s a story, they will listen and relate to it. The balance of both is something you should gun for always. Inform them, educate them, entertain them but do not directly start with a selling proposition.

Follow them where they are, add newest networks
You won’t find millennials using traditional advertising methods. They are experimental and are generally found on social networks. You need to find where they are and change your communication accordingly. Always look out for networks which are not yet crowded and try to create a unique relationship with your users before other brands get on board.

Offer value, convenience, and fast solutions
Millennials generally are impatient and want things spontaneously. They don’t have time so get to the point directly and tell them how it solves their day-to-day issues. If you want to be one of their favorite brands, save their time by providing quick information or even instant gratification.

Make It Personal, Good & Easy
Targeting ‘Millennials’ as a segment at large will be a big mistake. There are multiple sub-audiences within this overall segment. Try to create buyer personas and design content which is personal in nature. Average content won’t cut the ice so maintain a decent standard when it comes to quality of content. Accessibility of content is another challenge you need to solve. If you keep content behind gates, they will never bother to take the extra effort as they continue to get surrounded by limitless content through other sources.

Ensure transparency in Content
This segment values transparency in what you say and what you offer. Do not over commit or overpromise. Honesty is the only element which will help you build a long-term bond with them.

Bring Key Influencers Into Your Community
Word of mouth plays a big role for them as they continue to be time-starved. They go by suggestions of key opinion leaders in their social circle. You need to have a clear influencer management program in your strategy to help you reach them.

Empower Them To Act, Encourage Creativity
One-way broadcast of messages does not work with them. They want brands to have an open dialogue with them. This stems from their need to be heard. So design content that gives them this opportunity to improvise and create new streams of content for you.

Go Mobile
Millennials consumes content on mobile more than any other audience segment. Create content that is suitable for mobile screens. If you are creating videos, do not forget about the vertical format videos and content that works equally well on ‘mute’.


About Author

RP Singh is a digital marketing specialist with over 14 years of digital and new media experience of working in APAC & Middle East.