If you aren’t repurposing your content, you’re missing out on a lot. In content marketing, content repurposing is basically online recycling. The idea is that you can find a new purpose for your past content instead of using them for one time only. 

The thought of a single piece of content serving multiple purposes sounds enticing — but how can a business benefit from this marketing strategy?

Let’s find out how repurposing can help you.

It improves your SEO

Google loves fresh material. When you consistently share quality content, search engines will trust you as a credible source of information. It’s definitely a great idea to publish new stuff regularly, but you shouldn’t overlook existing content that you have in your archive.

Learn to maximize the life cycle of each content that you produce. Update any outdated information, upgrade, and promote your old content in different social networks. If you do this strategically, you can spend less time in producing new content, improve your SEO rankings and be visible to new people online.

Repurposing helps you generate more traffic. Contrary to what others may believe, your rankings won’t be killed by repurposing. As long as you avoid creating a new post with the exact same text or metadata that appears someplace else, Google won’t penalize you for duplicating content.

Redeem underperforming content through diversifying

Not all content is equal. Some will perform better than others.Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that the content itself is poor or lacking. You might just have to change the medium or context you use to present it.

Lori Highby shared the magic formula for repurposing content that her digital agency uses. They usually record a podcast or produce a video. The audio from the original content will then be transcribed, turned into a blog post and broken down into pieces.

The little tidbits of information will then be tweeted in a loop or shared via posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can use this strategy for both underperforming or popular posts. Check which pieces of content received the best feedback or brought you lots of traffic in the past and repackage them as freebies such as e-books. You now have new opportunities to catch your audience’s attention.

Deliver a stronger message

You may think that repetition is something to be frowned upon, but it’s actually important. The truth is that your audience won’t always get what you are trying to say in one go. It’s similar to listening to a catchy new song on the radio. You won’t memorize the song immediately. You have to listen to it a few times.

Repurposing and repetition will help your audience absorb your brand’s message better.

Reaching new audience

More often than not, what you published before won’t reach the same people. As you grow your business, you also build your following.

Different channels attract different people. There will always be a new kind of audience taking in the content that you put out online — and each new person has his own unique way of learning. What works for one person may not be effective for another.

Some people are visual — they appreciate images or infographics that support the information you share or make things simpler for them. Others are not too keen on reading or even browsing long-form content and may prefer to listen to podcasts or watch explainer videosRepurposing allows you to reach out and cater to people with different tastes.

Saves you extra time, effort and money

One of the most valuable assets you have as a business owner is your time. You have to be very particular about where you spend it.

Audit all of your content and take note of which among them are evergreen — those that will always be relevant. Reuse them for promotions or to get in touch with your customers.

You can’t expect to get consistently great content for a cheap price. Research also takes up a lot of time. Instead of starting from scratch or constantly spending money for new content, consider reproducing old content into infographics, videos or podcasts that your audience will enjoy.

By repurposing your content into other forms, you will be able to maintain quality without exerting too much effort. You just have to think of other ways to present information to your audience.


You now know why repurposing can be a big help to your business. The key is to consistently produce evergreen content that will attract your audience.

Make a list of your most popular posts. Identify how you can convert it into a different format and which platform you should share it to. Repurposing allows you to create more quality content. More content helps you have a stronger online presence, which leads to greater brand awareness, getting more audience and even customers!

If you liked this post, feel free to share it to others who can benefit from the wonders of repurposing.

Give these strategies a try. I’m excited for how they can make a change in your business!


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