Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, influencer marketing has gained increased traction in the past few years. That is why we’ve seen a crop of Instagram influencer marketers shed oodles of cash to get a slice of this lucrative niche. But did you know that you don’t need to spend top-dollar or have millions of followers to get in on influencer marketing?

That’s right – micro influencer marketing is hot right now, and big-name brands across the spectrum have been able to create successful social media marketing campaigns by taking advantage of Instagram micro influencers.

What is Micro Influencer?

The thing is that most Instagram influencers are often personalities who’ve gained some “celebrity status.” Micro influencers are essentially everyday folks with a reasonable number of Instagram followers, usually between 1,000 and 100,000.

Unlike big-time Instagram influencers, micro influencers are relatable. The good thing is that micro influencers are more trustworthy, and a word from them tends to be believed more by the consumers. And that’s the beauty of micro-influencers.

Benefits of Micro Influencer Marketing

Sure, investing in micro influencer marketing can be a costly affair. However, micro influencers offer enormous benefits:

#1. Higher Visibility – Get More Followers

Relatable and reliable content created by micro influencers generates high engagement rate and more visibility for your brand. With more mentions of your brand or products, more engagement, and more sharing of the content, you can easily snag more followers and increase traffic to your website.

#2. Build Trust

In today’s fragile online marketing, building actionable trust isn’t always a walk in the park. With the help of micro-influencers, you can take brand awareness to the next level.

#3. Better SEO

The value of search engine optimization to your brand is absolute. Micro influencer marketing can help brands create high-quality organic backlinks that’ll push their search engine rankings through the roof.

How do you measure the impact of micro-influencers?

You cannot invest in micro influencer marketing without having a clear way to measure its impact on your bottom line. Here are some key performance indicators you can use:

  • Brand sentiment – what users are saying about your brand
  • Engagement rate – amount of shares, comments, likes, and so forth
  • Foot Traffic – the number of customers you get at your physical store
  • Sales – measure of conversion rates and actual revenue generated
  • Website Traffic

Which Micro Influencers are right for your brand?

  • Use influencer-finding tools such as HYPR,, and NeoReach
  • Carry out a branded hashtag search to identify micro influencers talking about your brand

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