Hot on the heels of Twitter Polls, Facebook Questions and Messenger Group Chat Polls is Instagram Polls, the giant video, photo and messages sharing app’s latest surveys feature. In what is slowly becoming a norm across modern-day social sites, Instagram Poll feature brings in, even more, interactive elements, enabling its enthusiasts to experience what they’ve been missing. And much like the others, Instagram Polls will help convey humor, get responses from prominent topics among other various corporate uses.

From afar, this tool will appear like another way of making fun stories and creating memorable moments on Instagram. But it is actually an invaluable tool for modern social media marketers and brands fond of using this famous social networking app. The best thing about the feature is, much like all conventional Instagram Story post, Poll results self-destruct after 24 hours.

How to Add Polls on Your Stories on Instagram

For someone who’s familiar with how Instagram operates, creating a poll is the easiest thing in the world. Next to the “Hashtag” sticker is the Poll option and you will just tap it to start setting up your survey.

You can put it on top of a chosen picture or video so that you edit the question and the two answers. And upon finishing editing the question and the answers, you will then drag the Poll sticker and place it on wherever you would love on the chosen photo or video. The polls are meant for those looking for few different answers, perhaps to maintain Instagram’s focus on maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

How Instagram Poll can be instrumental in your business

With over 250 million active users and a third of them being corporates, Instagram can be a great tool to promote your business. If you’re already using its five-second photos or 15-second videos advertising feature, then your brand is undoubtedly experiencing a boom in sales. As for the new Instagram Poll feature, you have endless ways of making it vital to the success of your business.

If you’re a Blogger or Vlogger, you’ll use the feature to ask questions and engage your followers regarding what to produce next or even crack a joke. As a business, this feature will allow your ardent followers to unleash their creativity, critique your products, offer suggestions and inherently offer honest insights. It can be an awesome way of rolling out interactive contests and promotions at no costs.

Poll Success Stories and Why You Should try it as well

  • Airbnb’s #AirbnbEscape that listed four possibilities was an ingenious and fulfilling poll.
  • Discovery Channel’s “What is the Hawa Mahal shaped as?” poll.
  • Burger King India’s BK Veggie or Keema Crunch.
  • Krispy Kreme’s #DoughnutBowl before the Super Bowl 50.

For brands looking to take advantage of the now-priceless social media marketing tool, it’s essential that they select the words carefully and in a witty manner. If possible, they should just tie in the brand to the event or social craze trending at the moment.


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