Over a past few months, Instagram has been tirelessly trying to enhance user experience. First, it was to crack down on accounts that had a massive number of fake followers. Right after introducing Instagram Polls, the photo and video sharing app embarked on changing the algorithm behind ordering how posts are viewed. And if you’ve been among the over 250 million active Instagrammers then you must have noted it – Instagram Pods.

What are Instagram Pods?

Well, you will never view images in their normal reverse chronological order on Instagram again thanks to Instagram Pods. The pods are basically a DM via Instagram that has 15 different bloggers in identical niches. In the pods, you will upload your newest photo so that they like and comment on it. However, before dropping any newest image, you’ll be required to reciprocate likes and comments on each post.

Insta pods aren’t a desirable since they’re a little bit time consuming. But for marketers and those who value engagements, the new development is undoubtedly worth it. These pods enhance engagements as they get more eyes on your content and make it easy to meet newer people within your niche. Above all, the comments generated are real and relatable – not the whammy, spammy stuff!

If you’re a marketer looking to meet as many people on Instagram as possible, join a pod of those of similar ideas as yours. Instagram pods are of diverse names, though their purpose of engaging on each other’s Instagram content can’t change. And so, once you’ve joined a pod, you will be in a beneficial community of Instagrammers.

How to Set Up or Join an Instagram Pod

There’s no clear-cut way of setting up an Instagram Pod. You can create your own by rallying a group within your circles on a one-on-one basis by inviting them. Users like Glamour and Giggles are public in what they need through an image that addressed “bloggers and influencers,” besides “beating the algorithm” and “boosting engagements.”

If you would like to join a pod, you might experience lots of difficulties owing to their “very exclusive” nature. They take the form of private Facebook groups that aren’t searchable with prospective individuals having to depend on invites-only and admits-only. Admittedly, being invited to a pod relies heavily on how you network offline and get as many businesses who use Instagram as possible.

Also, you should engage more closely with similar or closely related brands and let them know of your brand. A real estate agent can, for instance, engage and network with interior designers located within the vicinity so that you can gain their trust and maybe link together. With all that beings said, always join meaningful Instagram pods.


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