This article was originally published on Later by Taylor Loren.

Wondering what’s popular on Instagram in 2017?

From a new way to shop on Instagram to the hottest teen trend, we’re sharing the best (and worst) of Instagram to help you and your business stay cool and relevant for the rest of the year.

Here are 5 of the most popular Instagram trends of 2017 so far:

Instagram Trend #1: “Tapping Text” in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have exploded in the last year, with over 250 million people watching or uploading stories every single day.
Most Instagram Stories are mainly video clips sprinkled with photos, but one trend we’re seeing is to combine photos with the native “tapping” function of Instagram Stories to animate a static image.

Confused? Here’s an example from popular food blogger Jenn Pallian of @Foodess:

Jenn uses the “tap to skip” function of Instagram Stories to her advantage by actually catching your attention when you go to “skip” her story, keeping your eyes glued to her content for longer and drawing you into her call-to-action to swipe up for the recipe at the end of her story.

She then complements her story with an Instagram post telling her followers they can see more in her story.

This Instagram trend is growing in popularity with businesses, probably because it’s a super easy way to create 3 clips for Instagram Stories using just one photo. Here’s how to do it using an example from @JuiceTruck:

1) Upload a photo to Instagram Stories! Need to upload a photo older than 24 hours? Just open the Later app on your phone and download any photo or video from your media library to your camera roll.

2) Add text on top of your photo and hit the “save” button. Remember to leave enough room for the rest of your text!

3) Upload the photo with text that you just saved from Instagram Stories and add your next piece of text. Don’t forget to save!

4) Upload the photo you just added and add your final piece of text!

5) Upload a *new* photo or Boomerang with your call-to-action. It’s best to keep this separate from the “tapping photos” so you don’t have too much text on one screen.

If you have over 10,000 Instagram followers and you have a business account, you can then add a link to Instagram Stories and encourage your followers to swipe up to view your blog post, shop your product, etc.

Did you know that over half of all businesses on Instagram are now using Instagram Stories?!

This article was originally published on Later by Taylor Loren.


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